Our promise to you


We love South America! And we want the beauties of the country to be preserved. Unfortunately, environmental destruction, waste of resources, child labor, lack of occupational safety, exploitation, disregard of safety regulations and much more are still very widespread. We therefore deliberately set a good example and support sustainable tourism , local and regional suppliers and products, organically grown products and social institutions. For every day our guests travel, we donate one dollar to a charitable organization. Furthermore, we encourage our customers to make their own direct and long-term commitment to this institution so that we can all make a contribution to the disadvantaged in society.


Your safety in Ecuador is our top concern. When planning your trip and carrying it out, your safety is our top priority. We therefore reserve the right not to consider certain providers, to change your travel plan at short notice, to point out specific dangers or to advise you against something. Ecuador is NOT a dangerous travel destination, but wherever wealth and poverty meet in this way, there is “potential for conflict” and black sheep. Of course, your money is also in safe hands with us. As required by law, our customer funds are secured. We work together with Zurich Insurance and HDI. You will receive your personal security certificate with your travel confirmation.


We don’t “sell” you anything that you don’t want and nothing that we don’t stand behind. Our independence from hotel chains, tour operators, shipping companies and agencies gives us the freedom to choose from all available offers. We can usually fall back on our own experiences instead of secondary information. This sets us apart from most other providers.

Market price

We will give you a price for your dream trip to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands , with variants and alternatives if you wish. We do without representative furnishings, offices in good locations and lavish printed matter that is mostly produced without meeting the needs of South American customers. We prefer to take more time for you; a detailed consultation for your Ecuador trip is worth more to us. We believe that the money is optimally invested. If you wish, you can pay for your Galápagos cruise in US$. You therefore bear the currency risk, but we do not need to dictate an exchange rate to you as our customer, which usually increases the travel price.


Your opinion is very important to us. We would like to get in touch with you during your trip, but also afterwards, in order to learn from your experiences. We can then pass these on accordingly. We depend on your opinion! If we have designed your dream trip for you, then please recommend us to others! For every new customer we get from a recommendation from our guests, we donate US$50 to a non-profit Ecuadorian institution (see above).

And much more

As “passionate vacationers” we know from our own experience many other wonderful travel destinations in this world, be it in the rest of Latin America or in the Caribbean, in the polar zones, in Europe, in Asia or in Africa. We have access to an extensive network and are happy to support you with useful information and hotel tips for your next trip.

Please also visit our website: http://www.peruline.de/ – www.BOLIVIENline.de – www.KOLUMBIENline.de We, Ulrike Falk-Neubert and Thomas Vogel, thank you for your trust and will do our very best for your unforgettable dream trip to Ecuador !

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